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O N G O I N G activities and installations. >

Dr(o)p Database / a database for community design

dr(o)p is an interactive database of written and unwritten sources composed by w-o-l-k-e's community of creative thinkers en doers. dr(o)p has three main goals:
1) to exchange knowledge between people interested in alternatives for contemporary society, creative practice, presentation and collaborative productions.
2) to generate a network of contributors, supporters and sympathisants.
3) to improve and strengthen w-o-l-k-e as a community.

dr(o)p can contain a wide variety of media including books, documents, objects, dvds, paintings, radio podcast, drawings, tools and pictures.
It is designed to contribute, consult, exchange, lend, buy and sell data.
One of the participants in this new Wolke project is XRivista.
XRivista is an independent collaborative magazine made with and for the artists. Rendez-vous in the Dr(o)p Database to meet the editorial staff and join the call for artists for the next issue.
More about them on xrivista.org

radio-w-o-l-k-e live
Festiwol marks the birth of radio-w-o-l-k-e
You will have the opportunity to discover Wolke beast, listen its recordings and contribute to it during live sessions over the 3 days Festiwol

De Woonbox, is een modulaire en kwalitatieve woonunit die geplaatst wordt in leegstaande gebouwen. De tijdelijke woonvorm is een volwaardig en goedkoop alternatief voor mensen met lage en bescheiden inkomens. Samenlevingsopbouw Brussel zet in op het vergroten van het aanbod aan de onderkant van de Brusselse woningmarkt.

O.S.T. "screeners"
Le collectif multimédia bruxellois O.S.Ten collaboration avec Todojunto (Barcelona) et le Cinebus, vous invitent à son Screeners-festival: 5 jours d’intenses interactions entre films, vidéos, photographies et musiques, sous forme de workshops, de projections, d’installations, de concerts et de dj-sets.
Screeners c’est :
3 Jours de workshops ouverts au public ( 12,13,14 Juin / 15h-20h) pour venir numériser vos films super 8 et 16mm, archives persos ou films trouvés sur le jeu de balle. Amenez vos pellicules pour les digitaliser, les partager et leur donner une nouvelle vie.
inscription pour le workshop : screener@ostcollective.org
2 jours de Festival ( 16 et 17 Juin) qui montreront les résultats du workshop : installations, projections, concerts, etc. nés de collaborations à géométrie variable pendant la semaine.


T I M E T A B L E > Friday 16/06

18:30 _ Ine Claes : I choke, you choke, let's all choke together.
​An unceasing flow of visual and vocal "detox". Fragmented images, steady grooves, impulsive sound explosions and chanted text form the basis for this solo work. We are caught in a time loop with the body as an expressive barrel, where voice and movement mingle, contradict each other, creating a virtuous pallet of sound and moving picture. Outside eye and ear: Mathieu Calleja

19:30 _ Gert Aertsen : Aargh
Aargh is an exploration into the mechanics of speech. Can the energy created by the wind be used as a force or input to generate sound. Possibly something which remotely sounds like speech.

20:00 _ Dwaalgasten
Dwaalgasten is een duo. Twee dichters, twee muziekselecteurs. Frederik De Preester & Jan Ducheyne lezen poëzie voor die ze selecteren uit hun zelfgemaakte fichebak vol poëzie. Tegelijkertijd draaien ze plaatjes zoals enkel zij twee plaatjes draaien kunnen. Op zoek naar Nachtschade weten Dwaalgasten nooit waar hun tocht heen leiden zal, al is het wel zeker dat het een onveilige haven is waar zij voor anker gaan.

21:00 _ Sterne und Daten
Sterne und Daten est un projet parallèle de Odessa (Frédérique Franke et Philip May, duo Helvetico-Belge, Bruxelles). Laissant de côté la rythmique pour n’en garder que quelques souvenirs, Sterne und Daten permet l’exploration de saturations et d’espaces. Atmosphère sombre minimale, craquements et souffle assurés…

22:00 _ Philip May
Minimal House.

23:00 _ Taret le Tapir
Taret is a DJ based in Brussels. Part of Circo Inferno.


T I M E T A B L E > samedi 17/06

16:00 _ Varinia Canto Villa
“Cartographers” Movement within the relation of law and life
Cartographers was first shown as a post graduate final presentation for apass in January 2017. The
presentation comprehended, in chronological order: a performative scene Throwing Case; a video
Should-Could-Can; and a double tv installation video Following Minou/Bruno. In total the presentation lasted 40 mins. These works can be shown together as Cartographers, or each of them separately. All 3 works explore the relation between movement and law of the social body, i.e. the body that is in public space. http://cargocollective.com/VariniaCantoVila/Index

17:00 _ O.S.T. / screeners Live
Résultats du workshop, installations et performances visuelle et musicale.

18:30 _ Mevr. Peeters en familie
“Brussel, g'et maain èt gestaule” meets “Lisa Simpson”

20:00 _ That Might Be Right
That Might Be Right’s performance event with:
Abla elBahrawy, Michiel Huijben and Paoletta Holst

15:00 _ Le Ministre Des Poubelles
Dans un Congo qui se dirige vers des élections aussi capitales qu’incertaines, le Ministre a une « destinée ». Depuis les quartiers populaires, il crée des tableaux hautement politiques et en relief à partir des déchets que Kinshasa vomit chaque jour.
suivi d’un atelier artistique pendant 2h avec l’artiste

18:00 _ Hanging In There
Music for this film was written and recorded at w-o-l-k-e by Emiliano Deferrari.

19:00 _ Mott Flyf
Lovely toy songs with animals sounds and cheap lullabies tunes.

20:00 _ Lesley
Synth spawned sounds that sound like pop music.

21:00 _ Andypoonn + The Drama Kingz
Andypoonn stands for post-rock-noise-punk-rock'n'broll since 2010.
The Drama Kingz stands for a new kind of stoner grunge band.

22:00 _ Pandores
Garage rock, yes, really.

23:00 _ Cut Me Show
DJ Fred le pâtissier tourne ses disques sans demander.


T I M E T A B L E > Zondag 18/06

Et le lendemain il devient compétitif.

13:00 _ jan v/d abeele
Some smooth jazzy jizz to help you digest your brunch

15:00 _ Sílvia Firmino
Expressão portuguesa

14:00 _ Bah Voyons (kids)
Courts métrages, doublé d'un échange. Sélections différentes pour le jeune public et une pour le tout public) qui tournent pendant un an en Belgique avec BahVoyons ! asbl. Des films venus des quatres coins du monde choisis avec soin, pour un bel aperçu de ce qui se fait aujourd'hui en matière de format court. http://www.bahvoyons.be/

14:00 _ La Bataille de l’Eau Noire
Belgique, 1978. Le Ministre des Travaux publics projette un immense barrage dans la vallée de l'Eau Noire, en amont de la petite ville de Couvin. Mais les habitants se transforment en de fiers Irréductibles et livrent une flamboyante guérilla... Un film choral qui communique la joie et la force d'un mouvement populaire en tous points exemplaire.

16:00 _ Kolengruis
“Kolengruis" - directed by Piet Eekman
BE / 1988 / OV English / ST FR / 14 min
Ain’t no love in the heart of the city… As one of the most thriving industrial cities in Belgium Genk has met a deep decline in the final decades of the twentieth century.
Youth, once certain of a job and an income, are left with little or no perspective in life. Many of them seeking security in street gangs and crime.
Kolengruis paints a rare and honest picture of one among them. What hope does he have for love, for family, for himself when he feels the world has spit him out? When you feel treated like rubble, isn’t that just how you’ll end up behaving towards society? Only recently released from prison, this outcast is looking to find a road to travel with nothing but fragile hope to help him carry on.

16:30 _ Dirty Girls
“Dirty Girls" - directed by Michael Lucid
USA / 1996 / OV English / 18 min
Armed with his VHS-camera, then high school senior Michael Lucid, documented a group of outcasts that were condescendingly referred to as the "Dirty Girls” by the other teens in school. These girls pride themselves on riot grrrl ethos, being different, and just not giving a fuck. The film focuses on the two leaders of the Dirty Girls, sisters Amber and Harper, who speak clearly and as eloquently as an eighth grader can be expected to about their convictions, while girls in sunglasses and jean jackets talk smack about them behind their backs. Not only is the documentary a perfect time capsule for people who went to high school in the 90s, it also perfectly captures two strong, independent young people speaking their minds and doing their own thing.

17:00 _ Sacred Water

16:00 _ Gyrophare (punk for kids)
Kids for punk.

17:00 _ Guns N’ Roses (to be confirmed)
A few days before their headline at TW Classic, the legendary band is thinking about closing the F E S T I W O L. We promised them free beers, good food, real people and some...