A w-o-l-k-e-residency takes place over the course of two months in the buildings of an old filmstudio.
During your stay you will have access to a private room and a shared kitchen and bathroom. You will also have access to a shared studio, an office space and a collaborative workplace.

Your residency will end with a public event.

During this event you do or show whatever you want.

And during this event other (local) artists and organisations might show something probably highly unrelated.

To apply, simply send whatever information you think might convince us.
You can send this information to residency[at]

Past residents have been:

Eva la Cour
Roberto Baiza
David De Buyser
Nanna Abell
Susi Gelb
Marijke Appelman
Jenny Lewis
Anna Hvid
Gerd Claes
Samantha Reese
Bram Borloo
Sandy Inayat
La Boite A Clous
Koen Moerenhout
Clara Crabeels
Korneel Devillé
Jan Verbruggen
Claire Morvan
Racagnac Productions
Marthe Van Dessel
Stephane Boudenne
Sergio Del Rey
Maria Chernikova
KAK (Koekelbergse alliantie van Knutselaars)