26/7/2019 S-A-T-O-R-I

In the framework of his w-o-l-k-e residency, Vinco Zierowan created “Satori”. During the process of building a meditation dome Vinco proposed to open boundaries of the common space and allow other creation to take place, inviting friend & guest- artists.

The event is taking place at w-o-l-k-e the 26th of July (1pm - 10pm)
rue Saint Hubert 12-14, 1150 Bxl (metro Montgomery - Thieffry - Boileau)

w-o-l-k-e presents itself as a trans-disciplinary platform & a collaborative test space where individuals and collectives are invited for making, showing and discussing all kinds of exchanges. It’s an intermediary space. Its functions and contents shift.



- Chill space
1PM - 10PM
(bar + healthy drinks and food)
tarot installation by tarologue and artist Serge Florensyss (BELGIUM)
live painting by Luka Rakol (FRANCE)
Art installation by Eric VanUytven (BELGIUM)
Visual art by Robin Hendrix (THE NETHERLANDS)

3PM: SUGAR LOVE (BRAZIL/BELGIUM) (talk about dragqueenculture)
5PM: Brookes (BELGIUM) (ambient music set)
6PM: Tim de fontaine LIVE - (UK/BELGIUM) (electronic/ambient music set)
7PM: Tibao LIVE - (BELGIUM) (Hip Hop beats & electronic music)
8PM: SYDNY LIVE (BELGIUM) (funky summervibes)
9PM: Gustave Robic LIVE - (UK/FRANCE) (Electronic, abstract, psychedelic)

- Satori space
1PM - 11PM
Personal meditation cabin; satori dome; made in the framework of the w-o-l-k-e residency.
Every 15 minutes a personal guided meditation takes place in an interactive audio sculpture designed to meditate into.
The sculpture was created by Vinco Zierowan, with auditive guidance by Nathaniel Molamba & Neil Brookes.

- The garden
(bring your picknick or eat some nice healthy food at Satori)
Yoga & meditation workshop by Hanna Nas
3PM - 5PM Saji D. (birthday session)
Live Music set

- The video room
shortfilms screened in loop starting at 3PM until 10PM

- Wedontknowyet (BELGIUM) (premiere clip)
- Alex Orma - MARTINICA (SPAIN)- shortfilm
- Gabriela Gazova - M (SLOVAKIA) - Shortfilm
- Aurélie Bayad - Hard Cold Metal (FRANCE)
- Tim de Fontaine & Marnik Boekaerts - Fountain of Youth (BELGIUM) (series of music films)
- Vinco Zierowan (BELGIUM) - Dronekids & Cosmosmokers (animation film)
- Halehan & Vinco (BELGIUM) - HUMI (music video)
- Toon Minnen (BELGIUM) - Viens Faire Dodo (shortfilm)
- Robin Hendrix (THE NETHERLANDS) (animation film)
- Alysa Ingles (UK) - x - (experimental film)